About The Images


While I have travelled the length of Canada, and have explored and marvelled at many of this country’s great landscapes, it is the shield country, a land of rock and mirrored lakes, of morning mists resonant with the call of the loon, of tumbling rivers through silent forests of pine and spruce, that has become my home away from home.  To embark into this magnificent landscape in a canoe, carrying only the essentials of survival – a tent and some basic provisions, is to embrace the primeval. It is in this context that these photographs were created.

Surely there are beautiful vistas to be photographed which are conveniently situated, either by roadside or manicured path.  However, if one is to, by camera and careful observation, attempt to capture the spirit of wilderness, there is no substitute for being there.  The beauty of the shield country – the marching rhythm of waves against shoreline, the evening silhouettes, and the profound silences, have become a boundless source of inspiration and wonder. 

“In a lifetime of seeing beauty in the wilderness, I always feel a lift of spirit and an afterglow of serenity and content.  I also know one must take time and wait for the glimpses of beauty that always come, and one must see each as though it were his last chance.”       (Sigurd Olson)