For the canoeist whose dreams are alight with wilderness adventure, the allure of the boreal forest is a constant companion.  Vast and seemingly indomitable, the boreal holds within its embrace some of the most remote wilderness remaining on Earth.  Black spruce, jack pine, caribou moss and lichen form a mantle atop ancient, weathered rock, while dark, tannin-rich water wends its way through a labyrinth of lakes, rivers and streams.  The region bordered by Lake Superior to the south, Hudson Bay to the north, and Lake Winnipeg to the west, once referred to as ‘The Little North’ by the French voyageurs, represents one of the most outstanding opportunities for canoe travel in the boreal forest.  Despite thousands of years of habitation by native peoples, once thriving trade routes, and a history of exploration and adventure, much of this vast wilderness remains pristine. It is a region where nature reigns supreme, where the spirits of travellers past are betrayed only by the existence of faint forest pathways, rings of blackened stone, or a grey and fading axe blaze by the water’s edge marking the way through to mysteries beyond.